Owners Corporation Management

Whether the management of your property has been good, bad or indifferent we aim to provide a service to our clients that is completely transparent, efficient and cost effective. Client satisfaction is our priority, that is why we provide a fixed-fee contract with no extra hidden fees or charges.

We have a dedicated team of managers and administrative assistants with a wealth of experience in all aspects of Owners Corporation management.

A summary of the key services provided are

  • Arrange for common area repairs and maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency service for repairs of common property
  • Inspect the property to ensure it is properly maintained
  • Ensure that the rules relating to common property are enforced
  • Arrange and renew insurances
  • Prepare and lodge insurance claims on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Ensure that the Owners Corporation has adequate insurance cover
  • Provide advice and assistance to members of the Owners Corporation, agents, tenants and Solicitors
  • Convene and conduct the Annual General Meeting, Special General Meetings, and Committee Meetings
  • Record the Minutes of all meetings, prepare and distribute the minutes to members
  • Notify the Registrar of Titles of any changes when necessary
  • Ensure adherence of OH&S audits and Essential Services to ensure the property is compliant with current legislation

Owners Corporation Financial Services

  • Operate a separate bank account for each Owners Corporation to provide transparency of all payments and receipts
  • Invoice the Owners Corporation fees and/or special levies
  • Collect levies from all members
  • Follow up any arrears due by members for contributions or levies
  • Pay monthly accounts and invoices on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Provide for direct Electronic Funds Transfer facilities
  • Provide budget forecasts for the admin and sinking fund
  • Present a full set of financial records to all members at the appropriate meetings