Developer Services

Procorp Australia provides specialist advice to developers, our extensive experience gives us a thorough understanding of the broad range of issues developers are confronted with whilst their project progresses through all stages of construction.

Contact us early! From the moment you’ve purchased the initial block of land, we can help. We understand how important it is that your new development is set up correctly prior to the establishment of your Owners Corporation. Therefore in the lead up to the registration of the plan of subdivision, we will work closely with you to best prepare budget forecasts and help prevent any oversights in design.

Standard services

  • Review of the Plan of Subdivision
  • Preparation of initial budget forecasts
  • Review and advice on proposed Owners Corporation Rules & Design Guidelines
  • Website Design
  • Tender out cleaning, maintenance, and essential service contracts
  • Facilities Management setup and operation
  • Tender out building insurances
  • Supply all books and records required under the Owners Corporations Act 2006
  • Open bank accounts
  • Undertake all statutory requirements (ABN/GST registrations)
  • Hold the Inaugural and First General Meeting
  • Issue Owners Corporation Certificates (formerly Form 3’s)